Unexpected Text

Last night I took Xavier to a new resto and we spent a little time together. He’s on exams and I didn’t want to take too much of his time, so our date was short and sweet, but great as usual.

Once at  home, when I was about to sleep early for once, I received a text from the last person I could imagine… PatrickA.


He was all nice and “talkative,” unlike the last time he texted me… because he’s always the one texting ME, only to leave me frustrated because he doesn’t know what the hell he wants, but clearly I’m still in his mind.

I was surprised to see his text but I didn’t feel anything.

See, at t some point you become stoic dealing with these hot & cold guys (read: I want you, I don’t want you). All the enthusiasm and excitement you used to feel gets replaced by indifference because the heart gets tired to radiate affection when it’s not appreciated.

So, PatrickA was blah blah blah… “Can I see you?”

I was confused for a second, but that’s the guy I used to like, the straight forward man who speak sense and doesn’t fear facing me, not the one avoiding me cowardly for no reason… But reason is what he gets when he’s busy buried in his books (now in midterms,) and stupidity what consumes him when he’s not.

Fun fact, our relationship was always great during his hectic university days, but declined completely while on vacations.

In other words, PatrickA needs his brain under pressure in order to be less insensitive and to balance all areas of his existence. 

Long story short he invited me to breakfast this Saturday, and although at first I hesitated, I accepted when he sent me a picture of Kappa.


It’s been over 8 months since I saw them last.

Pretty surreal, but it’ s going to be nice to see them.

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