No More “I Love You’s”

Thats’s the title of an amazing 90’s song by LEGEND Annie Lennox. It’s also my current state thanks to Xavier’s latest WTF. 

He’s too bipolar and I CANNOT take it anymore.


I saw him yesterday afternoon as planned, he seemed normal and happy about the idea the night before, so I was not expecting that shitty outcome… I don’t know if chatting with other guys or maybe fucking someone else is affecting him, but whatever it is, I’m done!!

I could have tell him many things yesterday, but I chose to keep my rage in check because even if I was upset at him, I didn’t want to hurt him.

Anyway, he’s really not worth my dedication. I deserve so much better!


Gladly, and even though I don’t have close friends, I always have guys wanting to be friends with my ass; guys that despite their truculent intentions are very human, and are always willing to listen to my issues.


I could have easily let Guillaume sex me last night just for the sake of some company, or Moe, or Pierre, or any of the many other hot species lining up in full erection, but I decided to be less impulsive.

I won’t rush this time as I usually do… As a matter of fact, on my last two breakups, I only took 1 hour before having someone else in my bed. And not because I didn’t love my ex boyfriends, but because I needed someone to fuck my sadness away and stop my internal tears. 

Anyhow, with all my plans destroyed, I spent my night in what used to be my second home: a strip club.

As I said I don’t have friends only horny men, and one of them is a stripper who’s always asking me to go see him. So I did.


He was nice, he hugged me, kissed me and cheered me up but I didn’t stay too long ’cause PatrickA’s taking me out for brunch today and I needed to rest in order to look somehow hot.

I’m excited to see him again. Him, my once soulmate.

Anyhow, it’s time to make myself and my needs my #1 priority. And I also need to fuck soon… That of course, won’t be an issue AT ALL.

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