Peaceful Sunday

thumbnail_img_7961As I used to do over a year ago, I woke up early to ran to my morning destination: PatrickA’s flat.

Outside at his door I was a bit nervous, until kappa jumped on me all excited to see me, and there was him…

PatrickA with arms wide open welcoming me back looking strong and athletic as usual.

I hugged him tight to break the ice and we took Kappa for a walk. Right after we went to eat.

It was a cold morning and the first resto in his mind had a big lining up. 

PatrickA like a good gourmet knows all the hidden places, and the fact that he’s rich and can afford anything is also convenient to explore all those restaurants.

Since the first resto was packed and we were freezing outsise, we walked to the next one. A visually nice spot but with mediocre food.

Unsatisfied both of us, I was like: “This place is the epitome of Montreal men… Stunning looking but no quality.”

He laughed and obviously agreed.

We talked about many things, sexual topics inexorably, but never personal.

PatrickA is not a relationship type of guy and he simply rejects that concept, even though I am the only guy who has conquered his brain and his feelings for the longest in his short adventurous life. #TrueStory

After breakfast we went back to his place but I didn’t stay too long. He is in midterms and needed to finish an assignment… but before I helped him to arrange his flat a little bit ’cause it was chaos. 

He might be a prodigy at school, but he’s a mess at home.

While he was studying, I was on his Oculus… pretty intense!

That was the last gadget he bought before our end, and unsurprising he has thousand more currently. 


I left early in the afternoon, and unsure of seeing him again we kissed on the lips goodbye like the old days.

I don’t know what to say other that I’ve sincerely loved all my partners, but with PatrickA I had a special chemistry that was stronger than sex.

While the strongest bond (100%) with most of my latest guys was sex, with him was 80% love. I guess.

In short, seen him gave me peace. And I don’t know if I’ll ever be complete, but I know whatever I am, he will always be that missing part of me.

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