Hunger (4sex) Games


Because there’s only two days of year there’s nothing you can’t control (yesterday and tomorrow,) Xavier texted me today.

He asked me to meet at a coffee shop sometime this week to talk, but I refused. I don’t want him to see my sad face and that’s the true.

We texted a bit more (even if he seemed upset or something) and decided to remain only friends. Maybe sex sometimes but not as regular.

I was fine with the idea, although it was good, sex was never THAT regular anyway. At least not for my nymphomaniac standards.

I can’t help it, I’m very sexual, and considering that finding a boyfriend in this city (especially at my age,) it’s harder than trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse, a new fuckfriend is the answer to my problems… ’cause I got 99, and now one less without him.

Since I have more men in my pockets than money, it’s time for The Hunger Games! Which is pretty much the reality once back in the meat market that is the gay dating life. However, in my version people doesn’t die, only their penises inside my ass.

Ladies and gentlemen please say hello to the cast:


Guillaume, Mikee, Moe, Pierre, Vincent, and can keep going but I don’t remember the names. Besides, I don’t wanna brag, and those were only the locals… Oh well, I just did! 

On the other hand and by far, Moe seems more like my potential new one… even though I have a date tonight with Mikee… A hot Ukrainian bisexual… because I’m very lucky with Slavic men. In fact few of my ex’s were Russian.

Now, say hello to the prize: Me!!


Truly I’m not really into the “dating” process anymore, I have no clue how I played it nice with Xavier… But for some reason from the beginning I trust in him… Him, my 1st time in many things… I’ll miss not having him around as before, but at least I know there’s not bad blood between us, and eventually… We’ll Netflix and chill again. YAAAS GAGA YAAAS!

Alright I gotta get ready for my hot date. More to cum…. 

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  1. Mark says:

    Good luck and good times! Always seems when you’re not looking, you find the one!

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