When I was younger, one of my first bf’s was a gorgeous Russian guy, Konstantine. Kosntant was a bisexual and we had a passionate short-term affair. After him, I met Nicolas my first French boyfriend.

With both I discovered the difference between European men and North Americans.

Konstant and Nico were relationship type of  guys, not scare of showing their feelings. Konstant by culture (and nature) gave a cold impression, but he was very affectionate in the intimacy.

And last night, Mykola (aka Mikee,) my hot Ukrainian date, reminded me of them.


Mikee was very straight forward and solemn, which I adored because even his sexual intentions sounded respectable and made me feel important.

He also opened himself to me and told me some private stuff about his bisexuality. Guys get easily comfortable with me, and I like that.

I also like when people are direct with their feelings, so we can mutually understand each other correctly instead of playing stupid mind games that lead nowhere but disappointment.

Not unusual to my luck he’s another rich kid, an international McGill student (same as PatrickA) very educated and aware of global issues, so we talked about Kiev, war and politics before he “lured me” to my bed. 

He is a bit shorter than Xavier, muscular like PatrickA and a bit older than both of them, 23.Very masculine, very clean, and had a nice Ukrainian dick. He was so into my ass and my lips, but mostly fascinated with my smooth skin.

At first it felt strange having someone else’s body on mine. I’ve been exclusive to Xavier from the start, so touching a new cock and kissing another lips was almost unreal.

We had a good time and above any expectations but I’m not sure if I’ll see him again… See, he’s a closeted bisexual and that’s a bit of a problem ’cause most of these guys have constant identity issues and I need someone to fuck me often without doubts.


Put it in other words, I need no complications. What I need is sex! 

Regardless, hot male and great night. Thank you Sex Gods!