When it rains, it pours… But it takes all that to see a rainbow, and the sun.

Today I saw a rainbow, today was a special day where the black cloud hanging over my head (for a very long time now) started to move away.

I don’t know what’s the impression I give to all of you (aside from being a pig,) but not everything in my life is sex, and fun times… Okay, maybe 75% is sex but that’s because I’m an old man now, it was 100% when younger! 

What I’m trying to say is, few years ago I fell pretty hard down a deep hole that I haven’t been able to get out, instead the hole got deeper, changing my lifestyle, getting me in debts and losing many things along the way.

Gladly, I’m not materialistic, I’m very detached of superficial stuff, but most important I preserved my health. Which it’s precious to me.

However, I’ve been very stressed these past weeks… On top of that my relationship with Xavier sank, only adding more misery to my misfortune. And although I’ve been dealing with the latest the best I can, my situation as a whole reached a catastrophic level… Until today.

Today was my awakening, today I finally saw a light, today many good news came my way and gave me some peace within my despair.

Obviously, I never show that side of myself.

Perhaps I’m a good actor ’cause nobody ever sees me suffering, or care to ask if I’m alright… They only see me as fun, not as a person broken inside.

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