Kellyanne Gets Comfy


Kellyanne Conway must know exactly what she’s doing. First off, the amateur porn name… Chicks get bored and act weird, increasingly with age… Conway is merely trying to solidify her post on the cougar totem pole, for this you can’t blame her.

If you hate Trump you might have taken issue with how she straddled the Oval Office couch in her heels and rubbed her juicy lady bits all over it.

If you like Trump, you probably see the criticism as unfair. His wife is a former hooker. So basically you should know by know what type of women he likes around, the type he can easily disrespect.

Conway seems to be enjoying her role as a provocatrice. She did stand up comedy once. It was horrible, but nonetheless she has that gene in her.

The photos of her grinding a sofa went viral, as she no doubt hoped.

People created some clever memes and she is probably currently relishing the attention. She’s only got a few good years left, may as well make the most of them.

At this point it seems highly possible to film porn at the White House.

Once, an honourable place…

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