Disney Exclusively Gay Moment… ZzzZzz


Nearly EVERY Disney fairy tale movie is one long EXCLUSIVELY GAY MOMENT and that’s why I love few of them, but what I mean by that headline is that the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has a gay character in it, as you probably know by now.

And that gay character gets the swoons over another character. 

Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t end with the curse not being broken because Belle is really a lesbian objectophile who runs off with the hot feather duster instead of getting with The Beast.

A different character is gay. (Side note: When I die, please make sure my tombstone reads: He lived every exclusively gay moment like it was exclusively his last).

Beauty and the Beast’s director Bill Condon tells the Attitude magazine that Gaston’s bumbling sidekick, LeFou, is gayer than a movie featuring a singing candelabra in it.


Totally heard “No one’s dick’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s”.

That would’ve made for an interesting FIRST “gay moment”.

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