Apparently, I’m someone’s habibi… For some reason, I don’t like the sound of it, even if it’s a lovely word.

Moe calls me that way because I’m easy to love or something… Which it’s true (#humbleness) I’m VERY easy going, but he’s too into me way too fast.

Although he’s an attractive green-eyed-sex-obsessed Algerian “alpha male” doing a PHD here in Montreal, sometimes his answers turned me off… because even if he’s capable at school, his mentality still in North Africa.

But I won’t elaborate on the subject… For me it takes more than just a hot guy with a hot cock (like most Arabs) or a killer ass to get me interested.

Regardless, he’s not a bad guy.

I’ll keep him around for sexy emergencies, perhaps…

And since I’m all generosity, in exchange I’ll make him understand that not all women are born to be submissive, but also ARAB men! 


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