Joe Biden’s Son Fucked His Other Dead Son’s Widow

thebidenssortofwifeswap-500x384Beau Biden, the oldest son of former VPOTUS, Joe Biden, died of brain cancer at the young, young age of 46 in May 2015. Beau Biden left behind his wife of 13 years, Hallie Biden, and their two children.

But seems like Hallie didn’t really have to go far to find a piece to cry on.

Hallie is now getting with her late husband’s younger brother Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden and his wife Kathleen Biden separated in October 2015. Hunter and Kathleen have three daughters. Another fun fact: Beau and Hallie’s son is also named Hunter.

This is all-caps, bold-faced, big-fonted, red-colored MESSY

Seriously, grief is a bitch but come on!!!

You know, it isn’t the 1800s anymore where a widow might have made this choice out of desperation for Her and her kids to survive. This bitch is just gross. I’m not even gonna mention him. Men are messy no matter what!! 

Waiting for a Biden family chart equivalent to these trash:


Christmas is going to be awkward!

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