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thumbnail_fullsizerender-10I’m currently reading this book: Esclavas del Poder (Slaves of Power).

This is a global journalistic research on human trafficking networks (women and children) by Mexican journalist, feminist, and human rights activist Lydia Cacho.

The books is based on individual stories told to the author by women and girls who survived sexual slavery.

From concrete cases, of moving stories, the author follows the line of investigation that leads to the mafias of traffickers. However it does not stop there, it also looks for the names and positions of the public servants who cover and protect them because politicians are always involved in this shit.

Esclavas del Poder is a global map of the trafficking of women, around trip of the slavery of the XXI Century. 

Lydia Cacho leaves from Mexico towards the United States, and from there to Spain and England; continues to chart Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, passing through India, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan (totally dominated by the Yakuza): the routes of entry and exit of people buying and selling.

Anyhow, pretty disturbing. More to come….

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