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thumbnail_img_8195Sorry for the lack of updates. Between my lack of sleep, work and dates, it’s been a busy weekend for me. If you ask how can I look human with only 3 hours of sleep, the answer is I DON’T!

You gotta hide your shit with sunglasses.

Gladly, my dates are kind and although they’re different and from different backgrounds they’re all find a common ground on me.

I’m an element of peace, the peace they all reach when they release all over me (totally joking).


So my Friday’s date was fun.

Randy was handsome, super easy going, and we had a good sexual chemistry. A bit taller than I, a lot younger (not surprising) top, fat dick, and overall great attitude.

However, what I liked the most about him was his artistic side.

He commented on my paintings (good feedback) and showed me pictures of his work, which I loved. His art is kind of dark but colourful. He is very creative and expressive, both qualities of a good lover.

I really had peculiar week… And although none of the guys I met had me 100%  charmed, they were nice, visually attractive but mostly, they made my days less solitary.

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