Unfinished Business?

Strangely, every time I’m loverless or about to be, I get messages from people I haven’t heard in ages… And that was the case yesterday. Kevv texted me out of nowhere.

Kevv was my fuckfriend a year ago… a guy I wasn’t supposed to meet, but I did encouraged by PatrickA’s bipolar behaviour.

Kevv had a boyfriend when we met (he had an open relationship and his boyfriend knew about me) and we were lovers until he got jealous for no reason of PatrickA… I mean, HE had a boyfriend too so WTF!

Back then I was the top and as all my bottoms, he was totally my type. I could have fallen in love with him easily but I avoided strong feelings due to the situation, our affair was supposed to be exclusively sexual. However, he got mixed up, he was struggling and getting too attached to me.

In the end he walked away because he didn’t want to share me with PatrickA….while I had to deal and share him with his boyfriend #SoSelfish

Obviously, some days later I replaced him with Davis… And PatrickA got jealous of him, after HE was the one pretty much FORCING ME to see other guys. #MESS

Anyhow, back to Kevv… We chatted a bit, he told me he broke up with that boyfriend few months after me, and he’s currently dating someone.

So my question was: Why are you texting me, then? 

He said he thought of me…

The new dude must be a flop in bed!

Either way, it was nice to hear from him… Even if at this point I’m not sure I’ll be able to be a top again… It was nice! 

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3 thoughts on “Unfinished Business?

  1. Mark says:

    lol! Funny! I used to bottom mostly (former ‘straight’ guy here) until I met my husband. Now I exclusively top! Funny how things change!

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