ESCLAVAS DEL PODER (Slaves of Power: A Journey to the Heart of World Sex Trafficking in Women and Girls)

DONE! I couldn’t put this book down, it took me 4 days to finish it.

What to say… This journey inside the world of trafficking women and children (as young as 4 year old) is nothing less than a thriller.

“For twenty-four hours about 40 men raped me in every possible way … The things that happened to me during the next three days within that suite are inconceivable to most humans.”

Those who read the story of Rodha, a young American hired falsely to sing in Tokyo and abducted by the Japanese yakuzas to prostitute her, will understand the meaning of Slaves of power.

This book is very extensive, you can read many stories from slaves, kidnappers and abusers from many countries, as well, it makes you understand that this business (or any international mafia) wouldn’t exist without the involvement of powerful people such as drug lords, politicians; or customers such as business men, politicians, armies, sportsmen, priests, or any “normal” individual and assorted sick fuck.

Germany and the Netherlands are big in paedophiles, and around 15.000 from those countries live in Thailand… which it’s also a big destination for sexual predators from the USA, Canada, France and Norway.

Tokyio is packed with sexual slaves from South America, same as Cancun, while Israel import women from Palestine to make them work as hookers. And all that while thousand of women and children from Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, China and many other Asian countries are sold like objects every day around the world. 

In short, this book is real horror story, a revelation in which the Mexican journalist risked her life investigating the abominable criminal business to which the governments, of many countries, close their eyes.

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