Another Day, Another Date

I swear to God, whatever people smokes is working ’cause I had another date last night. I carefully chose 1 out of the 15 (at least) guys wanting to meet me yesterday. The Sex Gods really love me. YAY!

So, I chose Joe because he’s been “waiting” for over a year.

He’s an Italian guy and we started talking when my relationship with Joseph ended.

Sadly, an hour later after Joseph officially told me to get lost I met Siye… some weeks later after Siye I dated a guy from Toronto, and eventually got in a relationship with David (A white Colombian and my first Latino). After David, I had Aaron and Connor as fuckfriends until I met PatrickA… And everyone else in between and after him, including Xavier.

So it was the sensitive thing to do to finally meet Joe.

Besides, back then I was a VERY successful top. And he was a top as well.

Joe was nicer than what I expected.

He’s 28 yo (the oldest I’ve been with) he was a bit shy and not kinky as my man should be, but he was hot in different ways. He is very straight acting, strong hands, big cock, and those small qualifications someone who dream to be on top of me should have.

As a lover, he was pretty vanilla but he has potential. After all, not all tops are as daring, pigs and hungry as I was, but I can guide him to the right direction.

It’s funny how things change… When I was a top I trained my bottoms to become pornstars. Bunny and Joseph were my proud achievements. Now as a bottom I do my best to exploit my top’s potential. Xavier is proof of that as well… He improved SO much after some months together.

But great sex is a team work after all, and I love to help my partners to become AWESOME!

In short, Joe is definitely on my list of stable new fuckfriends.

But for now, I still have more casting to do… and lube to buy.

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