I got a text from a Portuguese guy who’s been after my old bones for several years now, Patrick.

He always text me when he’s horny, unluckily for him most of the time I’m taken. But my reality is different now… I no longer feel like fucking him, or any other guy (so far,) I’m on a sabbatical as a top, or maybe it’s definitive. Not sure yet, but I’m leaving my place to the new generation.

I think I became a bottom at the right time, with the right guy.

After Joseph and before PatrickA I was still out of control. I was always in search of the next bubble butt to milk my dick on it. Guys were numbers and I was just an animal.

Then I met PatrickA and although he had one of the most perfect asses I’ve ever own, he changed me. He didn’t liked rough sex, or me too aggressive, and since I fell in love with him my libido also started to fell. 

Blah blah blah later… I met Xavier and he changed me radically.

At first I didn’t like too much the idea of getting fucked, but my attraction for him was also different. He was never my type of bottom, but the type of guy I wanted in control of me. He was my absolute type of top.

Xavier was the perfect guy for a beginner like me (I’m still a beginner okay,) he was sweet and patient and for that I’m grateful.

Apparently to change is nature.

I used to have a friend who was a power-bottom-whore and now it’s a top.

One of my brave American readers (and twin pig) wrote me this: 

Patrick (the Portuguese) also told me this:


Age definitely change most of us in all aspects. And that’s reality! 

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