C-Section Selfie

Giving birth is probably one of the scariest things ever.

Having a baby can be painful, stressful, physically and mentally exhausting. But once it’s over, happiness is the only feeling left.

Thaise De Mari shared a picture on her Instagram account that proves it and might be the happiest new family selfie ever.

The picture shows her right after a C-section, her husband and their newborn baby girl all smiling and enjoying their first picture together…

If I had looked that good I would have wanted a selfie!

That real, beautiful second captured in time is a reminder, that there’s nothing better than the moment of meeting your child. 

Someone needs to get me pregnant!!! 

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3 thoughts on “C-Section Selfie

  1. Mark says:

    Staged, but cute! It is so freaking cold here (Montreal). Brought hubby along for a romantic trip….some work for me…but damn!

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