Sexless Night

Last night I decided to keep silent and have a break from guys. Although I was bored to tears and hated to spend my Saturday alone I tried to avoid temptation…  At least for a day, ’cause I’m already in need of some company.

I have another Russian (Boris,) an Argentine (Tobias,) a mixed Colombian (Cédric,) and several locals wanting to hang out.

The locals are the last on my list ’cause “international” men are way hotter, sexier and full of quality.

I’m kind of used to get Europeans attention, but Latinos looking at me is something unusual. For some reason they think of Brazil when they ask me where I’m from, as if Brazil were the only country with tan skin guys…. Although Argentina is 95% white and Colombia of all colours. 

Anyhow, my Saturday was pretty sexless but it’s a new day.

And I refuse to stay alone today.

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