Sexy Night

Unlike Saturday, my Sunday was a lot more sexy. I replied to all the messages on my phones from all the guys who texted me on Saturday to see what’s going on. To my surprise someone else text me today out of nowhere…. Chris! 

Chris is a ginger dude who’s after me for few years now. Same as Patrick (the Portuguese). However Chris is a top, and as attractive as he was, I was also a top back then. So it didn’t work out.

Now that he knows I’m a bottom… well, he’s beyond happy, but sadly, same as Guillaume, he’s losing opportunities ’cause I AM FAST, and he’s fucking slow!

My options for last tonight was a 22 yo Belgian (Romain) a 20 yo local (Simon) and another 22 yo French mixed (Michael). Whatever young guys see in me, it’s very flattering.

Regardless, I gave Chris a chance before  any one else, but he blew it ’cause I don’t have time for bullshit. 

Yes I’m a bitch! 

I know what I want and that doesn’t include wasting my time.

Seriously, why should I cry for 1 man who doesn’t want me when I have 30 other who do?

Anyhow, since Chris really lost his chance again, I said YES to Michael…

Michael, not only was hot but his attitude was as AMAZING as the way he ate my ass. He gave me what I’m looking in a man and that’s QUALITY! 

Awesome sex is a teamwork, and he understood that.

He totally made my weekend. Until next time…

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