Brave Woman Confronts Pricks Torturing A Baby Seal

Meet 25 yo Sarah Tough, a young woman who was tough enough to try and stop a group of vicious teenagers bastards torturing a baby seal to death… even if that meant getting punched in the face.

She was walking her dog earlier this week on Crimond Beach in County Durham, England, when she spotted the crime taking place.

Sarah wrote: 

She added: “I have a nose piercing and the punch meant that my piercing punctured my septum. The rest of them started to laugh when I was hit.”

“Luckily it’s not broken but there was a lot of blood and it was like a searing hot pain. It’s still sore now. I’m not so worried about myself though, I’m just glad the seal is safe.”

You go Sarah! You’re the good in the world!!!

I really hope those pricks get arrested. 

Psychopaths always start by torturing innocent animals.

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