The Man Who Fell to Earth

Well, this is both charming and baffling: As a tribute to David Bowie, the U.K.’s Royal Mail launched 52 sets of their commemorative David Bowie stamps into the sky.

The stunt is, of course, inspired by Bowie’s 1976 acclaimed scifi movie The Man Who Fell to Earth. The stamps were attached to balloons before yesterday, even better, they attached cameras to the stamps (you know, just like Bowie’s character in that movie). When the balloons burst, the stamps began hurtling towards the ground.

The Royal Mail’s contest website plays the video taken by the stamp cameras. Watching too long may trigger your motion sickness, by the way.

If you correctly guess where one of the sets landed, you’re entered into a drawing where the prize is one of the stratospheric sets… Errr okay, as if people have the time for it. Well, if you do go for it, otherwise…

Just buy them here.

You’re welcome!!
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