When I was 19 yo I used I have on repeat the CD No Need to Argue by the Irish band The Cranberries… and there was (is) a track named 21.

I was obsessed with the nostalgic sound of 21 (#EmoBitch) and I always thought that that number would be meaningful to me.

Well, 2 year later I lost my virginity, I was 21.  

To this day, those I’ve loved were also related to that number.

  1. Hubby (my longest relationship) was 21 when we met.
  2. Jaden (my ex from Toronto) was 21 too when we met.
  3. Justin (my Vancouver guy) was also 21.
  4. Joseph and I broke up when he turned 21.
  5. PatrickA and I also breakup when he turned 21.
  6. Xavier and I have a 21 year age gap.

Fate, coincidence, karma, providence, whatever you wanna call it the fact is the number 21 has marked many of my relationships with the most important men in my life.

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