Because Hollywood loves to bet on a winner, or bet again on a previous winner winning again since new ideas are frightening and come up relatively poorly in cost-benefit calculations, Warner Bros. is circling the idea of a Matrix reboot.

Not to be confused with the two sequels to the first Matrix, both of which were so overwrought and shitty, the Wachowski Brothers lopped off their dicks and became women to hide from the legacy.

The Matrix was groundbreaking cinema for the late 90’s.

Keanu Reeves was about the tenth actor on the list to play Neo. Everybody else opted out ahead of him because they lacked vision. Also, Reeves had no idea what he was signing.

Will Smith was the Wachowski’s first pick. He went for Wild Wild West in order to seal his fate as a guy who picks super shitty film projects then bitches about the movie business.

In contrast, Reeves literally falls backwards into good roles.

It’s not even clear if he’s an actor. He simply shows up to places with a sad face and his union card. Keanu is a legend!

The Matrix reboot would star hotness Michael B. Jordan. The Wachowski Brothers would not be involved.

Hollywood has only technology, but no longer creativity. 

Foreign movies are king!!!

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