Goodbye Dates

I had a date last night…

Yeah for those new reading my shit, a “date” in my vocabulary is not going out to a coffee shop and talk like two white girls, my life and habits are not of your basic human. I’m guided by instinct, not by what everyone else do.

That said, my date last night (Francis) was one of the few memorable.

He was hot, he was interesting, he was mature, and he was sexually capable. Not to mention he was mesmerised with my smooth body, which made him also cute.

However, what I liked the most about him was his social personality. He liked to talk, and for a loner like me who barely had the opportunity to interact with another person, it was just adorable.

Satisfaction to me is not only fucking someone or getting fucked by someone. My pleasure is not measured by ejaculations, but by the amount of quality someone provides. Emotional, intellectual or sexual.

My standards are not of a young slut who’s only happy with cock. I’m deeper in the subject, sex is not only penetration, sex is chemistry to me.

In short, Francis was a good way to say “goodbye” to my active weeks of dating.

I’m taking a break.

I have no idea for how long, but probably until I feel abandoned again.

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