Okay… Maybe One More

Okay, so… I cancelled my date with Yanis today, and the one of Saturday with Randy too because I decided to take a break… BUT, Terrence texted me today and asked me if I was free tonight… Ugh!

Terrence is a gorgeous 20 yo Chinese guy, an international student and one of the few hottest gaysians in this city.

Unlike Vancouver or Toronto, the amount of hot Asians in Montreal is poor. So Terrence definitely makes a major difference.

But aside from his psychical appearance, he’s also an intelligent sweet guy.

He reminds me of PatrickA in a way, only that Terrence doesn’t complicate himself in the head like PatrickA do…

Well, PatrickA is a scientist and all scientist are fucked up!

Anyhow, I’m not even horny (ESCANDALO!) but it’s Friday and Terrence is the serious type material. Maybe we’ll go have some cake.

I cannot say no to that!

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