Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been too busy with work and my future boyfriends (or as Xavier call them, my bitches).

Can I have more than one??

So my “last” dates of the week were pretty solid.

Terrence was a dream on Friday night…

He was handsome, he was cute, he was hot, he was also reserved yet sexual. I’m not sure what he really wants, but the chemistry is definitely there… He’s been texting me often since we met and he wanted to see me again last night but we decided it would be better today, instead.

From times he kept staring at me, making me uncomfortable, before giving me a compliment or asking me all type of question such as:“Why are Latinos so different…?” “Because we sleep with everybody,” I replied.

But jokes aside, I explained to him that we South Americans, particularly, are mostly mixed. That’s why you see all type of skin colours and features.

Anyhow he was charming.

Yanis on the other hand… Yanis satisfied me, but he’s a player.

And although he also seems very interested, I gotta be careful with him.

In short, by far Terrence seems like my potential new guy…

Well, at least for when my husband is not around.

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