Can’t Rely On You

Sorry, been a bit busy with life. 

So… I had a “slumber party” with Terrence on Monday.

All went fine, but just that… He’s a nice guy, he’s handsome and he’s my quasi-official fuckfriend, even though he cant handle me.

By that I mean, he’s too vanilla in all areas.

For those who doesn’t speak gay, vanilla means too “political correct,” not very kinky, not very aggressive, not very adventurous, not hedonistic, just ordinary. 

I guess ordinary is okay for those who doesn’t have a high sexual drive, but that’s not my case.

At my Jurassic age, I still need sex AT LEAST 3 times a week… Well, blame my boyfriends who fucked me almost daily. They were stellar, and I won’t lower my standards.

When I was single for a long period of time (about 4 months,) back in 2012, I got myself 5 regular fuckfriends… Which I never planned, but it happened that way because I couldn’t count individually 100% on them.

Back then I was the top, so my penis had a full time job that prevented my broken heart to feel the pain of my previous breakup. But also kept my doctor busy checking myself almost every 2 months to make sure I was clean… which by the way I started doing again.

Anyhow, in my present I don’t need 5 sexmates anymore.

I just want 1 guy, but guys are too complicated… So you cannot fully trust them, and you need plan A, B, C  & D ’cause you cannot rely only on one.

The moment, I’ll find that ONE guy again, I won’t need anyone else.

For now I’ll keep Terrence and also Yanis, ’cause one alone won’t extinguish my flames.

So Yanis wanted to see me yesterday but I said no ’cause I was saving my integrity for my husband this Friday.

Regrettably, it was not this week… #FAIL

I guess Yanis will be happy to take his place this weekend…

As I said, you can’t rely only on one man!

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One thought on “Can’t Rely On You

  1. Mark says:

    Aww! Young men can be flakes! Don’t worry, they’ll figure out what they’ve lost. They just can’t keep up with you! 😂

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