Scott Disick, “Sex Addict”

It’s best to start the conversation over male sex addiction by everybody admitting it’s a bullshit medical diagnosis.

A disease can’t only exist for famous wealthy men with access to ambitious models. People who heal with crystals and newt juice have more thought out science. 

When you’re hungry, you eat. Thirsty, you drink. When you’re horny, you fuck.

Maybe nature never intended you to have access to 5,000 calories for half an hour’s worth of work available on speed dial delivery. Or for a professional douchebag like Scott Disick to have poon tang thrown in his face nightly. 

Self-gratification is not addiction. 

Fucking naked women who climb into your hot tub is not a medical condition. 

The invention of Disick as sex addict does provide for a memorable moment on the insipidly scripted Kardashians show where Kim Kardashian berates him, “you’re just like a fucking whore”.

There have been few richer moments in the history of garbage television…

Your body lets you know when you’ve had too much.

You get fat. You get drunk. Your balls hurt.

Those are good indicators. Shut it down!

Lacking willpower, also not a disease.

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