When I was younger, Chagall was the inspiration behind my first paintings. His colourful art fascinated me and last night I finally went to see his biggest Canadian exposition ever. 

The exposition opened last January and I wanted to go with Xavier badly, sadly, it didn’t happened that way.

Chagall: Colour and Music includes 400 works of art, mostly from two recent exhibitions in France; around 100 works came from private collectors.

Chagall is known for his colour-saturated paintings of loving couples floating above the village square in his hometown of Vitebsk (now part of Belarus), accompanied by goats and violinists.

Chagall became somewhat repetitive and saccharine in his later paintings, which were also influenced by surrealism, but there is none of that in this magnificent exhibition. The show also includes costumes and sets he designed for a Yiddish theatre in Russia in 1920, and stained-glass windows created for the Metz Cathedral in France.

There are also prints, a book of drawings, sculptures from the 1950s in bronze, stone and plaster, and a projection of the paintings he made for the ceiling of the Paris Opera.

Everything on display is colourful yet restrained., but epic nonetheless. 

I loved this expo, one of the most memorable by far.

In short, I had a great time. Until the next one! 

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