For Once I Resisted…

Must be Spring (not really,) must be Friday (definitely,) must be just Montreal men in their usual horny state ’cause today I received many “wanna fuck?” messages.

Ironically all these guys live around my husband’s area… a 100% gay neighbourhood.

I mean, the whole city is a gay neighbourhood, but they’re a lot more abundant in the French side… which I’m not really interested ’cause local French gays love to gossip and they pretty much know each other. As a matter of fact, if you sleep with one chances are everyone will know it.

That’s one of the reasons I haven’t slept with many locals (believe it or not).

All my ex’s and fuckfriends are from different countries/backgrounds… I like to remain incognito and exclusive. #ThankYouVeryMuch

So, dude above was a categorical NO!

And then was him, Jean Philippe…

This is a guy I exchanged numbers long ago but never met. Apparently, he still have my number so he messaged me.

He was like “I need to fuck you,” all cute and straight forward… And I almost said “sure,” ’cause a determined man turns me on, but I may see Yanis tomorrow so I played Santa Maria and I gave him an excuse.

However, if Yanis doesn’t come tomorrow I’ll tell him (or whoever else) to come. It’s my weekend off and I REFUSE to spend it alone.

To be honest the need for temporary company is stronger than sex, but sex is the price I pay to have some.

For now, I’m kind of proud I resisted temptation tonight.

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