Mo Bounce?

This is not Iggy Azalea butt implants, this gumball-headed marzipan pin-up with butt implants is the creation of animator and writer Kristen Lepore.

Kristen created the jizzball head on a bottom twink’s body for Late Night Work Club’s anthology of short films called Strangers.

The video called, Hi Stranger, has made its way through the internet the past couple of days and it’s taken people on journey of emotions that starts at “Do I fap to this?”, makes a stop at, “Errr, someone hold me,” and ends at, “Okay, I jerked off to this!”

The almost three-minute-long video starts with the broken condom baby of Powder and Gumby giving you a moment to look at his ass before turning around and staring at you with a pair of eyes that are almost as dead as a Hadid’s.

He then tells you that he misses you,and just when you’re about to call 911, his soothing voice becomes almost meditative and calming.

And when he said, “I love you,” at the end, I maaaaay have touched the screen and said, “I love you back…” It’s official, I’m the creepiest!

Anyhow after the weird mixed feeling of uncomfortableness and soothingness left me, I wanted to do a dozen butt squats in a row.

That said, bye guys, I gotta workout on my butt.

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