Pornhub Reveals Women Likes It Hairy

Put down that razor and stop manscaping, men. It turns out, women are really turned on by hirsute dudes.

Pornhub analyzed their data to find out what female users are most likely to search for.

You might think it would be chiselled guys with six packs, and you’d be very wrong.

According to their data, “lesbian” and “threesome” are the two terms women are most likely to search for, but when it comes to cruising for male performers in their adult entertainment, the ladies search for “big dick”, “black”, “hairy”, and “daddy”.

Well, I gotta say since Xavier turned me into a bottom I also feel attracted by hairy guys. But in my case it’s probably normal ’cause I’m attracted by the opposite of me. I’m naturally hairless.

Or, maybe… I’m just a regular girl.

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