How Dogs Think

Done!! This book took me a lot of time ’cause of the detail but I’m fascinated by it.

I grew up with dogs, and in my head I treated them right, but after reading this book I realised how ignorant I was.

If only I knew about this book during the last days of Mo (my other dog) I’d have been more aware of her pain and struggles and would have treated her a lot more compassionate, more loving, smarter and feel less guilty… ’cause after reading this book, I feel guilty.

Guilty of ignorance.

Did you know that: Dogs only see in blue, grey and yellow? Their age is not counted by 7 years? They see in panoramic? The bigger the dog, the less they live?

Their ears and specially their nose is even more powerful than you think?

Dogs can smell things up to 40 feet (12 metres) underground to cancerous cells in your body. No technology is more accurate than a dog’s nose.

And when it comes to hearing, they can even hear seismic activities that precede earthquakes. In fact, in China and Japan dogs are an integral part of their national earthquake warning systems.

The book is written by Stanley Coren, Ph.D. Dr. Coren is a psychologist and member of the faculty at the University of British Columbia. He’s a renowned and well-known expert on dog psychology and dog-human interactions.

It’s a smart, informative and interesting read… So informative that I pretty much marked almost every page.

Maybe that’s because I’m a dog owner and a psychology lover. But I don’t think anyone could read the book and not be impressed.

The book spends a lot of time discussing the sensory systems and abilities of dogs.

A chapter is committed to each of the five senses, all supported with solid empirical research and flavoured with interesting anecdotes.

For example, did you know young dogs have a heat-sensing ability in their noses that unfortunately disappears as they get older? It’s how they find a warm mother when they are blind and deaf newborns.

The book also spends a lot of time discussing the evolution of dogs, paying particular attention to the ways humans of directed that evolution to serve our own purposes.

Things like the incredible smelling abilities of hounds, rescue skills of St. Bernard’s, the hunting prowess of dachshunds, and herding talents of the herd dogs are explained in evolutionary and genetic terms….all in an understandable way for those who aren’t evolutionary psychologists or biologists.

I’ve learnt so much about dogs, that I no longer see them only as a loving companions. 

In short, every dog’s guardian should read this amazing book in order to educate yourself and to improve their life. 10/10.

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