This Wreck Puts The Bust in BUSTED

If Eric Trump got a Hitler youth haircut, had his face lipo’d by a de-licensed back alley plastic surgeon, huffed so much helium that his eyes and got sprayed down by the same fake tan diarrhea that his dad gets sprayed down with, he would look like this bust of Cristiano Ronaldo

Yup… Crispy Ronaldo hometown decided to honor him by renaming their local airport the Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, but the bust of him they unveiled at the rebranding ceremony was definitely less than honourable…

The startling statue is causing online reactions from horror to hilarity, and the memes it has inspired are likely to outlive the legacy of Crispy himself.

They totally knew that Crispy Ronaldo’s deep fried ego would explode from having an international airport named after him, so they brought him down to earth with it.

 But I will say that the bust’s shiny bronze complexion is spot-on!

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