Just Alright

So my date with Oliver was more of real date than anything else… He was way “too decent” for me to corrupt. And by that I mean too unsure and too slow.

Although attractive, we didn’t really have much in common after all… While I’m into rough sex, simplicity and reading books, he was into overthink the complexity of life and wasting his time lamenting whatever isn’t working, not to mention he doesn’t even read the news.

In other words, we were not that compatible and his attitude turned me off sexually and mentally.

He has too much stuff to learn, but unlike sex, life is something I cannot teach him. That’s something one has to learn alone.

Anyhow, it’s cool.

Sex was never my main idea anyway ’cause for that I’m seeing Siye tonight… Alex on Sunday and Randy some time next week.

The human mind fascinates me and everyone is different. People like Oliver enhances the psychologist in me so I was satisfied

In short, I had some company last night and I value immensely that.

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