Almost 2 Years Later…

The last time I saw him he was 22 yo, now at almost 24, the same tall muscular guy knocked at my door.

We looked at each other and flashbacks came to me… That night when I texted Joseph for the last time particularly… “Are you going to hug me?” he asked.

Either handsome, cute or athletic, all of my ex’s and assorted sexmates were hot. And Siye is not exception.

He’s tall and built like PatrickA and equally strong. But, Siye is a top.

When we met back in 2015, we never consumed our lust. Back then I was still 100% a top and not as eager. Although his strong hands and muscular body felt great, I wasn’t ready to get penetrated.

Siye respected that and took his time with me, but I was too coward to go forward.

Now, a more experienced bottom (thanks to my husband,) I made up to him and he couldn’t had enough of my ass…

The fact that we know each other made things easier for me. While with “strangers” I have restrictions, with him (or those I already know) I felt comfortable and willing.

After sex we talked about our situation just to make things clear. He’s in a open relationship, and needs a fuckfriend. Me, I already have a fuckfriend but one doesn’t cover my weekly needs…

And that’s why I have a casting with Alex tonight.

Cards on the table, and before he go, taking me in his arms he said “You’re so sexy, you’ll see me soon…” But even if it’s not soon it won’t matter much ’cause he’s obviously not my only guy. 

Regardless, we had a good time.

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