Study Finds Open Relationships As Happy As Monogamous

Think open relationships lead to jealousy and tears? You’re wrong.

A new study suggests that polyamorous folks are just as satisfied as those who practice monogamy.

Researchers researches analysed over 2000 people in relationships, taking note of satisfaction, commitment, passionate love, and jealousy.

And it turns out that there is no difference in the level of satisfaction, commitment and love when it comes to monogamous vs. open relationships.

However, the interesting part is that those in non-monogamous relationships reported lower jealousy and more trust…

Well, nothing new here on what concerns me.

I’ve been with guys in open relationships, and I’ve been in an open relationship once, as well.

I gotta say it’s all about maturity, focus and willingness to take responsibility for one’s feelings.

Yet, the conclusion is the same…

Monogamous or open, all comes to an end.

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