Instant Crush

In my head it was supposed to be another sexual affair, but last night, it only took one look at each other to have an instant crush.

He was like: “Woah… Are you looking for a boyfriend? ‘Cause I’m interested!

Obviously, I said “YES! ” (deep inside screaming YAAAS)

Alex is an 18 yo top. Blonde hair, green eyes and a perfect cock are some of his features, and the contrast of my soul.

Yet I’m the opposite of him, he was very enthusiastic about our differences: “We look hot together” All adorable.

As a lover he was pretty good, kinky spirited as I like them, and we had a great start… He was obsessed with my ass, lips and soft skin, and I was very much into all of him. 

Curiously, it’s the first time I see my top as a bottom as well…

For a moment my dominant instinct unconsciously choked him and slapped his ass… “I think you just just showed me your top side” he whispered… “You make me horny both ways” I said.

His beautiful face and sweet personality conquered every inch of me.

Pizza, wings, drinks, lots of kisses, sex and wake up together… We had a great chemistry, the perfect date.

And the best part? He lives few blocks away from me.

I think I found my guy. Goodbye everybody else!

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