Young Blood

Dating younger guys, I have no issues with ’cause I haven’t dated anyone older than 24 for the last 16 years.

Not because I wanted that way but for some reason the Sex Gods make me their target, and not the other way around. #HumbleBrag

When I was in my 20’s my first partners were close to my age, but after 30 they got a lot younger… For instance I met Jaden (my ex from Toronto, 21 yo back then) because he contacted me and came to Montreal to meet me. When I met Justin (from Vancouver, also 21 yo back then) he was in Montreal and he pursued me to meet him despite my early refusal, ’cause I thought it was madness. Obviously, he won and won my heart too.

Most recent, I met Xavier (18) because he contacted me through Instagram… He was on his early 17 when he messaged me first, and I found it cute but nothing else. I never took his messages serious ’cause I always had a boyfriend, plus under 18 is a NO! But at some point and once legal he asked me out again on a perfect timing, and the rest is history.

In all, younger guys are a lot more chill  than people my age.

While many guys my age are into fancy irrelevance, material shit and empty superficiality (not to mention they look as old as my father,) younger lads are a lot more simple ’cause their life isn’t contaminated yet by the pressure of society on the quest to be like everybody else.

Guys my age don’t take anyone serious unless you have a good income, yet their prime years are so yesterday.

Those things for me doesn’t count.

I don’t value a person by the what they do, but by who they are.

My idea of joy don’t rely on material stuff, my idea of joy is carnal and spiritual. And although older guys could be more interesting in some areas, they’re also a lot more impatient and could be bigger jerks.

In short, I don’t think I’ll be capable to date someone my age ’cause I have enough old with myself. Besides, young blood keeps you young.

So please, keep cumming to me. 

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