All I See Is More Plastic Surgery

People are pissed about a new Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner takes a brief respite from a tawdry fashion shoot to join a generic peace protest and hand a white cop a Pepsi to quell his racism…

She also eye fucks an Asian guy in the name of equality.

The entire thing reads like a fever dream from your great aunt who was at Woodstock and makes no sense, although it does make you realise how easy it would be to mow down a crowd of hipsters. 

The Internet consensus seems to be that this is bastardising the Black Lives Matter movement and piggybacking on various activist marches over the past year to sell Pepsi.

Making matters worse, the protagonist belongs to one of the world’s most enfranchised vapid-whore families. 

People are right to remark on this shitty big budget soda ad, but that doesn’t mean they’re right to be offended… Almost every commercial is offensive! 

They almost all assume that humans are lazy idiotic consumers moved by shiny objects, which and is kind of right, but let’s pretend it’s offensive.

Cops have killed a couple hundred people. Obesity and diabetes in the millions. 

While mind boggling in its insipid messaging, the only harmful aspect of the commercial is the product being sold. 

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