Last night Alex and I decided to give it a go and officially date.

Since in the world we live you gotta Instagrammed or didn’t happen, he asked me my Instagram, my Facebook, my Snapchat and whatever else everybody else has.

Sadly for him, when it comes to over expose my privacy, I’m not like the rest.

I closed my Facebook account almost 2 years ago, I don’t have Snapchat, and I temporarily disable my Instagram account few days ago. 

In other words, my world is a mystery to him!

I explained to him my reasons, I told him that I’m not curious about other people’s lives. I’m from another generation (I have to constantly remind him that I could be his father and not his older brother, since in his head I look like 26,) a generation that grew up without internet and social media.

I’d rather have real interaction with the people in my life and not virtually stalk their lives. He understood and moved on fast.

Although, I’ve realised that our chemistry is mostly sexual, I couldn’t say no to dating because why not? Alex and I cannot be more opposites and it has nothing to do with age, but personality.

He’s a social butterfly, and I’m a private guy (when I’m not blogging my naked ass). While being in crowds is his thing, it’s definitely not mine as I feel uncomfortably shy. He’s sporadic and unorganised, and I am not any of that. We are day and night! But he likes that.

Yet, he can be very mature about stuff, and apologetic when he fucked up.

Not many guys his age say “I’m sorry my bad,” but he is capable to take responsibility for his actions. And I like that.

As usual, I don’t have any expectation. I’m just living one day at a time.

If ever things get serious, maybe I’ll reactivate my Instagram.

After all, I love to keep the memories of those I’ve shared my life with a certain moment in time.

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