I’ve Been Drinking Watermelon…

It’s a fact that some drama makes sex a lot hotter. 

None of my partners ever failed me when I gave them a dose of ESCANDALO and loca. And last night was not exception.

So, last night I got a bit upset at Alex ’cause as I mentioned before we are complete extremes.

Although we are a sexual match, our lifestyles are black & white.

While all my life I’ve been tremendously disciplined and kept myself out of trouble, he could be a wildfire… So I gave him an ultimatum.

Either he improves his messy act or we shake hands goodbye.

As an apology, he fucked me more kinky and aggressively several times last night. By far the best sex we had!

I’m not convinced he’ll be the father of my child, but for now…

He’s my lust supply. 

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