Missing You…

For some reason, I had Joseph in my head the whole day.

Although my feelings are always busy, his souvenir always haunts me.

Maybe he doesn’t even remember me at this point, but he was once my whole world and he still is my last long-term relationship.

It’s been almost 2 years now, but it feels like yesterday when I saw him last.

Fun fact, few days ago on WhatsApp, one of my cousin from South America asked me who are you missing?

I was confused by her question and I thought of Xavier when she asked me that. Then she refreshed my mind by telling me that my WhatsApp status says “Missing you…”

To avoid going on details I just told her that I miss every single person I don’t often see, but that message was for Joseph.

I wrote that status the night he left, and ever since I never touched it again.

Sometimes it’s hard to not miss those that once were part of me.

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