Pics Of Surgeon Caught Asleep On The Floor After Epic 28-Hour Shift Went Viral

Being a doctor is not only a hard job but an exhausting one too. 

Surgeon Luo Heng performed 5 operations over a total of 28 hours. He did two emergency surgery’s overnight and then 3 more the following morning.

After his extremely long shift, Heng was captured sleeping on the hospital floor. The pic was posted on a Chinese social media site Weibo and ever since people have been praising him for his dedication to work.

Doctors are heroes. Period!

However, as much as I praise the devotion and dedication, I wouldn’t feel safe if a doctor with sleep deprivation do my surgery… 28 hours of doing something that requires your upmost concentration is devastating… And people who introduced laws permitting that should be sued.

Who would like to be the last patient of surgeon who didn’t sleep last 24 hours?

Anyhow, Doctor Heng doesn’t deserve a nap on a floor.

He deserves a hot shower, a good feed and a good long sleep in a comfortable bed like the hero he is.

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