14 Years

Reading old blogs I used to love, I realised this year marks my 14 anniversary on the blogosphere.

I started blogging back in 2003 when I met Hubby, back then I used to blog mostly in French (’cause my English was beyond poor) on a website called Xanga.

Xanga was an amazing site and it used to have sections where you found blogs of people from your own city.

On Xanga I made few friends from Montreal, the Xanga community was fun and blogs were hilarious. 

BUT, everybody grew up and the creation of Facebook killed in many the creativity and passion.

Aside from Xanga, I used to read other fun blogs like I Probably Hate You, Pop Trash Addicts, Lose Yourself in Rome, and some others I no longer remember the names.

Many of those blogs were personal stories of love, sex, and everything in between. Another blog I used to read and that hasn’t fully vanish in time is The Ministry Of Pleasure.

A gay blog with personal stories and assorted topics. In fact, in the assorted topics, Peter (the muse behind) interviewed me two years ago.

It’s been few months since the blog was updated, so it’s kind of melancholic to see another cool blog going away.

Anyhow, if I’m still here it’s because writing it’s a real passion for me. Not to mention it’s also my best therapy, the friend I don’t have but I need, and my virtual punching bag to take out all the feelings I have inside. 

I had 4 other blogs before this one. 3 of them no longer exist, and the previous one I still have it but only as a souvenir: Lust Expectations.

Reading those are pure nostalgia… 2013 was one of best years. The year I met 2 guys that marked me deep, Justin and Joseph.

It sucks I don’t have any record of my other blogs, but maybe it’s better that way… Back then I was someone else.

Regardless, happy 14 blogger birthday to me!

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