Mexican Church Pairs Jesus & The Avengers for Easter

A church in Mexico is promoting some of its upcoming Easter celebrations with a bit of flair: putting Jesus Christ side-by-side with Iron Man and Captain America. Wait, does this make Jesus an honorary Avenger?

A photo from a Mexican Catholic church has been circulating on Imgur and Reddit.

The banner invites people to attend church during the Holy Week of Easter, possibly with the Avengers in attendance?

Apparently, Pascua Juvenil is a yearly event that many too catholic teens look forward to during Easter. It´s a gathering of kids that get together to talk about Jesus, meet their peers, sing, pray and just “have fun” while also living the religious Easter experience…

Now, it’d be interesting to see how the actual Avengers would respond to being put on a team with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, or what the prayers would be like. Probably something like this:

The Avengers love me.

This I know.

For Marvel tells me so.

Fan boys to them belong

For fan boys are weak and they are strong!

Anyhow, nice try random church but I got news for you…

Jesus is already on a super hero team, thank you very much!

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