Reactions To United Airlines VIOLENCE

Thinking of taking a trip somewhere? Then you might not want to fly United Airlines. Not unless you want to get your ass kicked that is. Because as you might already be aware, the airline is currently weathering a storm of controversy after disturbing video footage emerged of them violently removing a man from an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville because, AMERICA!

The video shows the man refusing to disembark the aircraft after United announced that four people had to give up their seats. Despite declaring that he was a doctor who had patients to attend to, the airline had law enforcement wrestle the man from his seat before dragging him bruised and bloodied off the plane.

Since then, the internet has been ruthlessly trolling United Airlines with funny tweets and memes from a situation that was beyond violent, embarrassing, disgusting,  abusive, immoral, alarming, and overall atrocious! 

On a serious note…

Welcome to 2017, the day when people passively stand by and hit record on their phones rather than intervene, or run for help.

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