I Temporarily Died

This morning my blog was suspended, same as my life. I was wondering WTF dying inside. Since life is very ironic, this morning as well Xavier messaged me, and put a smile on my face.

Despite Xavier’s message, I was down thinking that I lost all my stuff.

This blog is my diary since 2014 and what I treasure the most are all my relationship stories. My records with Joseph, David, Kevv, Davis, PatrickA and of course my latest with Xavier, which is particularly special in many levels.

So I wrote to WordPress to ask what happened? Perhaps they wanted me to show more ass, or maybe my penis??

Maybe my blog is not whorish enough? After all in the times we live if you don’t twerk, or look like a total hooker you don’t have an audience. Maybe they wanted me to Kardashian my game?  Who knows, I was momentarily depressed.

Gladly and unexpectedly, Xavier was my moral support on the other side of the line… And I thought I would never hear from him again…

I love him!! 

Anyhow, after this episode, I’m really considering to open a new blog somewhere else just in case. But maybe I’ll do it when I have more free time ’cause right now I have 4 guys trying to date me.

Alex is already yesterday news…

In fact, one of them is coming all the way from Ottawa tonight only to see me for few hours ’cause he thinks I’m Miss Universe or something. I don’t know…

Definitely, my day needs more hours. My body less age, and my life…

Only ONE man! 

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