No Need To Argue

Instead of arguing with Alex I chose to keep it cool.

Doing my best to guide him (because it’s in my nature to feel empathy and not hate) I no longer saw him as someone I was fucking with, but as someone I will no longer see.

And then I took a minute…

A summer day on 2012, Jaden and I walking back home having a little disagreement. We mostly agreed and rarely argued, but I knew that despite moving to Montreal from Toronto for me, it was not a city for him.

As much as we loved each other, we were going nowhere, same as that discussion… And then my stupid mouth said something that hurt him “I expect nothing from you.”

Clearly, I still remember that moment and his reaction because I regret it deeply. If I knew deep inside that our relationship was going nowhere, why did I even argue?

(Note: When we argue with our partners it’s because we expect more from them, because we believe in them. We don’t ask improvement to people we don’t care… And I did love Jaden).

And that’s what I did with Alex this time.

There was no need to argue anymore.

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