Another Pretty Smile

It was 10 PM when he arrived fresh from Ottawa, carrying few bags to spend the night with me. My current guy? I don’t know yet… Even though he’s VERY into me and makes me feel beyond desired, I don’t know yet.

Carl is 24 year old, about my height, unlike any of the other guys in my life he’s a bit chubby, strong, and owner of a gorgeous emerald green eyes and pretty smile. 

As I opened the door, the first thing he did was kissing my lips, and the second asking my ID… “No fucking way… Impossible!” he said… “You don’t look over 28” 

His reaction to my age is nothing new, yet I always find amusing how people seem sincerely in shock to find out that I was born in the 70’s.

Next thing, he couldn’t get his hands off me. He is a charming guy, very talkative, sweet and naughty, sexual… Perhaps not a sex obsessed pig, but he turns me on. I don’t want a twin after all.

Despite the fact that we foreplayed, we didn’t fuck last night. He said he wants me for more than that… And wants to move to Montreal.

Still, I wanted sex.

Although I love his enthusiasm, I don’t get attached to people I don’t have around. I don’t feel what I don’t see.

I had a good time last night, and him… He felt too much too fast.

We left my place very early this morning ’cause he had to work and the way back to Ottawa is about 2 hours. And unsure of if I want him to invest his energies on me we kissed goodbye in the middle of the street. 

Until next Wednesday? We’ll see.

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